Gary coached me through a heartbreaking breakup. I went from being heart broken to finding so much joy in my life in only 4 weeks!!! I am a coach myself but when you are the one in the hot seat it is impossible to know what the right actions are for the long run. Gary was there like a godsent throughout and I am so grateful for who I am today! I am signing up for Gary’s life coaching now too!!! ~ Jo

“My work with Gary and Talesha has been extremely productive.  Like a lot of “successful entrepreneurs” I think I have seen it all, read it all, etc. but the thing I needed most was to be able to apply it. Gary and Talesha helped me to step back and see the big picture, objectively. Where the business really is, where it came from, it’s strengths and weaknesses and where it will go depending on which actions I take. They have a fantastic ability to pull out your talents and get them focused to take immediate actions for tackling the important tasks and goals. Time and money very well spent.” ~ Paul

“Gary was very insightful in relationship coaching me and took the time to stop what he was doing to answer my burning questions about men and their behavior. He seemed to ask all the right questions, uncovered the real issue within minutes and provided many suggestions that benefitted me in how I think of myself and how I act in my relationships!! Through his suggestions, Gary helped me realize that I had a choice to see things from a totally different perspective. I am on another level in relationships today because of Gary’s unique ability.” ~ Becca

“My wife had left walked out … Hadn’t returned a call in seven weeks. I was depressed and thinking I had no hope. It was Talesha that got me to approach my life differently. She was the voice of hope we all need to hear. Now my wife and I have been back together for over a year,where she told me she’d never see me again.  I owe my marriage to Talesha.” ~Vic

“Gary is passionate about bringing people to their full potential. He has a uncanny sense of getting right to the issue with compassion, honesty and results! He is someone who will make wish to strive for excellence and then help you to attain your goal!
Gary is highly recommended and any interactions you have with him will find you all the wiser!” ~ Carol

I went through a depressing dark stage in my marriage and reached out to Gary. My husband was having an affair and was ready to leave me for another woman. If not for Gary’s coaching and seeing that anything is possible, I am not sure if my husband and I would be together today creating the marriage of our dreams. His coaching was very insightful and he had me look at life in a different way. His kindness and passion speak volumes. He also supported me in my spiritual growth, an aspect of my life I have shut off for over a decade. Gary’s words of wisdom awakened my soul to new possibilities  I am grateful for his support. I highly recommend Gary’s coaching to ANYONE! ~ JV