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Beginning July 16, 2012 and running through Oct.1st 

we embark on a 12 Week Tele-Seminar Journey:

Monday Nights from 8pm-9pm Eastern Time



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The Fool's Journey is the most unique and expansive seminar you can do without leaving your living room.

~ 12 weekly, One Hour TeleSeminars ~

Each exciting week focuses on one life impacting distinction ~ with enlivening, soul searching and spirit shaping exercises under guidance and direction of pioneers in the course of life… and don’t forget the support and cheering from your fellow community of fools who are on this journey with you!

Here are some of your key destinations and photo op spots along the way:  

The Cave and the Crossroads
 ~ Confess Ignorance ~ Celebrate Curiosity

The Great Divide 
~ Perfection is my Gift ~ Art is My Impact

The Island of the Mist  

~ I Bring It ~ Better Than it Is

A Tree's Hollow
 ~ I Unfold Me, to Find Courage

Rusty Skeleton Key
~ My Word ~ My Power

The Vacant Lot 
~ Own My Purpose ~ Own My Possibility

The Land of Yes and No 
~ Request in Bliss ~ Rejection is Myth

The Tower Ruins 
~ I Become Free ~ I Own Me

The Theater of Possible 
~ You Are the Unique Proposition

Times Square 
~ Being Now ~ Align Every Cell

~ See you there! ~

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The Fool's Journey is an engaging, 'eyes wide open' look at the world. Here we embrace the universe working for us - not against us. Whether you are a seeker, a dreamer or an observer - The Fool's Journey is one of never ending exploration and growth.  The fool in each of us is setting out to discover freedom from the beliefs that have kept us from living life full out - freedom from the limitations of a narrow path.

This immersive course is the solvent for self-limiting beliefs, unworthiness, and a 'banishing from ghosts' of the past.  JOIN US on this amazing journey of growth, love and laughter as we embrace the foolish traveler in each of us.  We are embarking on a new adventure of our own creation - open to endless possibility and promise with renewed faith in our vision. The fresh eyed Fool truly loves the limitless discovery of adventure and learning and YOU are here, in this very moment because you have a calling and the worthiness of having it.

    Each one of you, who takes this journey, lends to the unique and unfolding path we are on .. Each of you, matters. If there is someone you love in your life, now is the time to bring them along.

    Let no one be left behind ..

    • Create a consistent state of happiness. This is our NOW and we can think of no better time to be HAPPY.
    • Embody JOY as the motivation that catapults you to new success. Be what you love and love what you do!
    • Learn, Embrace AND Practice distinctions that will forge your path and move you ahead .. repeat.
    • We GIVE you the tools necessary to reach new potential in Life, Love, Wealth & Health AND show you how to use them!!
    • Regain the limitless-power of child possibility .. Curious & Determined with Un-Bridled Passion
    • Celebrate and Commune with a community of foolslike you! Cheer and be Cheered .. YES, we are here to ENJOY this.
      This Journey is Your Journey.

      The Vision is Yours.

      Your Time is Now.
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