Stand By Love: When It’s Screaming At You!

You're going to hurt your love. You can't help it. They have rules, spoken or unspoken, in their mind that tell themselves 'you are loved' or … [Read more...]

Karma’s Gonna Get You! …Well, Maybe.

The woman on the phone was screaming at me, "I want a refund!" She paid for a seminar in 2004, chose not to attend and now wanted her money back. … [Read more...]

Yes Yoda, There is a “Try”. It Just Sucks.

Yoda said, "Do or do not ... there is no try."  While , I hate to differ with Master Yoda, but there is a try, It just sucks. And by sucks your … [Read more...]

Keep Secrets from Your Love

Most people would agree that a loving relationship is not a place to be holding secrets. But there is one way that secrets kept from your love, or … [Read more...]

I’m Such A Lover .. And You Are Too!

I'm such a lover .. you heard me right! I'm just saying I am SO NOT a fighter .. but that's not to say that I can't or haven't pulled out the ammo … [Read more...]

‘Be Yourself’ OR Have the Life of Your Dreams

“Be yourself" is a catch phrase I've heard so much of. Products use it in advertising. Friends and family say it when attempting to boost our self … [Read more...]

I KNOW You’re Spider-Man (or Woman)!

When I was six I had to be Spider-Man. It had to be the official Marvel Comics plastic bodysuit and mask that they sold in the 70s. Back then, to my … [Read more...]

Lies Your Fear (Lizard) Tells You

This is dumb. What have I gotten myself into? I don't have time for this. They don't even like me. I don't even like them. I'll look stupid. I know I … [Read more...]

People are Seeds ~ Understanding Perfection

Hold a seed in your hand. At its core there is possibility. Is it a rose, a sunflower, a daffodil, a friend, a sister, the love of your life or … [Read more...]

Secondary Character in Your Own Life?

Your story is unfolding before you. You have experiences, meet people, know joy and face your share of challenges. As with all good stories there are … [Read more...]