When Inspiring. Leave Them Legs.

I got a lot of good advice growing up. Lots of good, “Go that way.” What I didn’t hear a lot of was, “Where you are is fine, kid … You’re great. … [Read more...]

Bad Outcomes Derived from the Best Intentions

Sometimes good intentions hurt more than help by sending you into pre-mature evacuation from actually setting out toward your intended goal. It's … [Read more...]

Escaping the Cult of ‘I Don’t Feel Like It’

There’s a dangerous cult out there. It’s called, the cult of ‘I don’t feel like it.’ Now, this is not like any other old ‘I don’t feel like it’. … [Read more...]

Touch Your Brush to the Canvas!

It's all art ... You, me, the ground under our feet … life becoming acquainted with what it means to be alive. The cogs in the world that … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t I ‘Going for It’?

If you aren’t doing those things … you know, the things that would have life as a better experience … the things you say are important, its possible … [Read more...]

Why, Why, WHY … New Year’s Resolutions?

You will make a decision. You will get the opportunity to keep your word to yourself. You will have to keep your flame alive and get to be … [Read more...]

7 Life Lessons from Jesus (regardless of your religious taste)

7 Life Lessons from Jesus (regardless of your religious taste) 1. Love Full Out 2. 'Loving Truly' Frees us of Needing Validation and … [Read more...]

It’s In Your Blood!

What does it take to make a change … or make a new habit? I've heard three weeks. Some say only five days. Those are great statistics but what I’m … [Read more...]

The Not So Silent Killer

Every day something will remind you about your mortality. There’s nutritional movements urging you to watch what you eat. Exercise movements … [Read more...]

How to Change Your Life 101

The transformation of any life or situation starts with the bold words,“I don’t know.” Not a teary-eyed, reluctant release ... But a whimsical … [Read more...]