A New Way to Do the New Year

When we talk about life, we talk about journeys. We also talk about adventures. To us, an adventure is any endeavor that ‘threatens’ the old self, … [Read more...]

Gratitude Opens Your Shore to a Better Life

  Fear is a strong force. It's strong and illusive, meaning, not only will it hold you back, sometimes it will actually convince you that … [Read more...]

Martin Luther King Jr. : Freedom Not the Endgame

Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just the first step. ~ Martin Luther King Jr. A beautiful man. A fool … [Read more...]

Expand and Make Your Value Known … Embrace the 3 Ways!

Try not not become a man of success,  rather become a man of value. ~ Albert Einstein Value is a funny word! We're talking about perceived value … [Read more...]

Average Life, Amazing Life … Big Difference, Tiny Secret

Everyday, Talesha and I are blessed to speak with heroic people striving towards creating more powerful lives. There is perhaps one small … [Read more...]

Facing the Dream-Killing Dragon

Analyzing a problem is resisting the solution! Analyze is really ANAL-LIES, while Rationalize is really a form of RATIONAL-LIES. ~ Chuck … [Read more...]

Your Journey is Everything … What is Your Journey?

Someone I coach shared with me today. "I love when you ask me, "what is my journey?", I've come to both be afraid and excited when you ask it.", … [Read more...]

End of the World Survival Kit, and the New Beginning Too!

In Honor of Our World Ending, and the possibility of a New World emerging, Talesha I want to point to you as the hero. Endings can be a powerful and … [Read more...]