Expand and Make Your Value Known … Embrace the 3 Ways!

Try not not become a man of success,  rather become a man of value. ~ Albert Einstein Value is a funny word! We're talking about perceived value … [Read more...]

Average Life, Amazing Life … Big Difference, Tiny Secret

Everyday, Talesha and I are blessed to speak with heroic people striving towards creating more powerful lives. There is perhaps one small … [Read more...]

Facing the Dream-Killing Dragon

Analyzing a problem is resisting the solution! Analyze is really ANAL-LIES, while Rationalize is really a form of RATIONAL-LIES. ~ Chuck … [Read more...]

Your Journey is Everything … What is Your Journey?

Someone I coach shared with me today. "I love when you ask me, "what is my journey?", I've come to both be afraid and excited when you ask it.", … [Read more...]

The Magic in … ‘What You Give is What You Get’.

Its possible we misunderstood the quote, What you give, is what you get. Many of us hear it as a promise of reciprocation, to receive in return, in … [Read more...]

End of the World Survival Kit, and the New Beginning Too!

In Honor of Our World Ending, and the possibility of a New World emerging, Talesha I want to point to you as the hero. Endings can be a powerful and … [Read more...]

Bad Outcomes Derived from the Best Intentions

Sometimes good intentions hurt more than help by sending you into pre-mature evacuation from actually setting out toward your intended goal. It's … [Read more...]

Dealing with ‘Sprayed Roach’ People

I experience and interact with people all day every day,  from my personal family, my friends, neighbors, co-workers, clients, the local convenient … [Read more...]

You As An Invitation ~ They Will Join You

Love, Joy, Laughter, Excitement, Optimism, Compassion, Understanding & Clarity. These are what people respond to. So as we stand on the … [Read more...]

Dear Dreamer ~ Do What You Love

Dear Dreamer ~ Let the petals of what you love, lead you to what you do. We are here to do and be what we love. Yet, we place our dreams, the … [Read more...]