10 Life Lessons from Groundhog Day

In 1993 a powerfully funny and backdoor-loaded spiritual film was released called Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell.  Without ruining the entire movie for you Phil (Bill Murray) wakes up each morning with the date always being February 2nd. It is always Groundhog Day … again and again and again. With no one else aware except for Phil.

Groundhog Day is one of those rare movies that comes along and has you reexamine whats important in your life. I thought, to celebrate this amazing film I would dive in and plunder some of the gold from it. I urge you, today (as if there were another) to rent it from Netflix or Amazon: Video on Demand and find your own deeper lessons while you engage in some fool’s laughter.

10 Life Lessons from Groundhog Day

  1. It is never life’s circumstances that define us, but always who we are being inside of them.
  2. Optimism and Joy are openers of insight and possibility, all others are ‘narrow roads’.
  3. Our yesterday does not define us.
  4. We are a butterfly effect. When we commit to living with a new spirit everything miraculously transforms around us.
  5. BEING a different person has the current circumstances, dance, and come to us differently.
  6. We are more than we possibility think we are. When we embrace that the person we are today is in flux we see that even the ‘hardstuff’ serves us.
  7. Wonder and child-like joy is the place we naturally gravitate to.
  8. Focusing out, into the world, and bring to it is the most effective way to create something new inside ourselves.
  9. Get every morsel out of this sacred ‘today’ … without needing a ‘do-over’.
  10. Laughter is a great conduit of learning.
Enjoy your day … Watch the film and celebrate your constant evolution of heart,  your journey of joy!
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