Happy Easter ~ Be Greater than ‘Sacrifice’

A great man displayed his commitment to his vision by making an ultimate sacrifice … Himself.

He had already imbued many people with his thoughts and concepts on living with a brighter spirit and loving with a bigger heart. It was a vision he had committed much of his life to.

Giving up something to commit to living purposefully, will always appear as a sacrifice to those who live in stupefied and unconscious distraction. Sacrifice does not have to be sacrifice if you love your passion … your vision.

  • Love your dreams by being bold enough to own them.
  • Love your direction with all your might by engaging in it daily.
  • Love your  vision with all your heart by share it with those you love.
  • And love it by being willing to give up the distractions that keep you from living it.

All the distractions of the world that take you from living a life of no regrets or even creating a vision for your life to begin with, will still be there to distract people 1,000 years from now.

But to a conscious living spirit in the world, look at what is possible.

He did.

  • Decide that ‘good’ is lame. Be a great mom. A fantastic accountant. An amazing friend. A prolific artist.
  • Turn off the Television. Write more, read less. Allocate more time to the children than ‘Farmville’ and ‘Mafia Wars’.
  • Welcome ridicule, fool. For every person that openly scoffs at you two more will arise to cheer you … Cheer them too!
  • If you are caught in a cycle, get private coaching. Decide that your life is worth giving up ‘sacrifice’.

~Gary & Talesha

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  1. This is exactly what I did to accomplish my dream! I sacrificed everything and I never gave up! Awesome message!

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