Turn Your Fear Upside-Down: Enjoy the Ride

My 11 year-old wild eyes stared at the ‘Ranger’.

I’d been on the Tilt-a-Whirl, the Himalaya, the Scrambler, but this one, the ‘Ranger’ … it went upside down.

I was told “crazy people” ride that. And from the feelings in my heart, it was very easy to believe that.

But the people in line for the ‘Ranger’ didn’t seem crazy. They seemed fun and excited; playfully poking each other and laughing. I wanted to be ‘crazy people’, but instead I was scared… after all this one went upside-down!

It started with a friend’s dare and his mother joining in. When I shared that I was out of tickets they all ponied up the money and handed one to me.

The way through fear is not just to ride the ride. The way through fear is to become a rider. Embrace that riders look forward to it, boast aloud while in the line, and with their instincts screaming the whole way through; they get off laughing and celebrating their spirit.

Many people try to get through fears by being themselves. They take that scared child through an imagination worse than any hell they can concoct … much worse than the thing they fear. They endure careers without taking risk, relationships waiting for the ‘ax to fall’, watching as a spectator in life and pointing out how they wished they’d gone for it.

I rode the ‘Ranger’ that night and loved it. I hope some other kid rode it because he saw me thrilled.

  • When you feel fear about moving forward imagine a person who would enjoy the ride. As a person meant to ride.
  • Visualize yourself as that person. How do they prepare? How do they celebrate afterward? How do they ride?
  • Acknowledge yourself for acting in spite of fear, regardless of the outcome. Learn something from stepping beyond your own limitations.
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