A New Way to Do the New Year

deep-footprint-fool-for-lifeWhen we talk about life, we talk about journeys. We also talk about adventures.

To us, an adventure is any endeavor that ‘threatens’ the old self, so that a new, more powerful, creative and loving self is urged forth … A life-changing self.

Any New Year’s Resolution is typically going to fit that concept.

In the spirit of New Years, we’d like to share with you, two Fool’s Wisdom secrets from our upcoming book, to support you in having the most powerful year possible.

Step Deeply…

While we’re talking about taking steps and adventuring, here are the two things that don’t work.

  1. HUGE or OUTRAGEOUS Expressive Resolutions.


  1.  Many Resolutions.

Firstly, the time to share with others is when there is accomplishment. It has been found that people who are compelled to share about their aspirations also get addicted to the dopamine release in the brain, granted by the sharing itself and are far more likely to never even start creating something real.

So, if we’re talking about actual growth … Zipping our mouth, is the sign of a ‘come through’ person.

Also, BIG Resolutions tend to crush our willpower at the first sign of failure. People who make many or really big resolutions, are typically the ones who go strong for a day or even a week, miss one day, and completely throw in the towel. Again, it is a self-defeating strategy.

So, what does work?

In stepping deeply, we Pick ONE resolution. Only ONE.

Pick the one thing that you know, if achieved, would impact or have you more fit for all your other aspirations.

A resolution is not just about getting something or achieving something.  It’s about realizing a new you.  It’s experiencing that what comes from your mind, then promised from your mouth, can always be created by you. The evidence, fortified in your core, by a promise kept, is worth 1,000 times more than the goal itself.

You’re going to want to be immersive about this goal. And with the exception of your health and your love for your family (you’ll want to guard your foundations), you’re going to want to want to make this Resolution the highest priority in your life.

After all, this is the resolution by which all other possibilities open for you. Make it count.

Step Consistently …

In the trends of Self-Help ‘Small Steps’ is in right now.

And the problem with small steps, is that they don’t excite the human spirit at all.

Small Steps never grant us access to the words, “I am evolving.”

This is because stepping small, typically falls back on our feelings and emotions to decide when, or if to step at all; all based on random or chaotic impulses. (see also: Escaping the Cult of ‘I Don’t Feel Like It’)

There’s basically never a ‘seizing the day’ motivation, which you’d be called to muster forth, so we get a blah adventure.

We want to step consistently …

90 Days consistently.

This is the solution. A 90 Day commitment of stepping consistently, before even considering to expand or leave the resolution.

90 Days of consistency has us biologically and emotionally experience ourselves ‘differently’.

So, every day, for 90 days, each day should have some specific time set aside to focus on that endeavor alone.

How much time?

Maybe 15 minutes. Maybe several hours.

The real answer we’re wanting to arrive at is, each day should feel like a mini-evolution … a mini-adventure.

Each day should end with you capable of engaging again the following day.

Finding yourself too hurt, too sore, not enough having sleep, distance forming with your mate or family?

These kind of circumstances turn epic opportunities into, just “stuff I have to get through”.

So, take of yourself. Take care of your family and foundation. A kingdom that crumbles eventually crushes the budding garden.

So, what’s the ONE resolution you’re ready to step deeply into?
What’s the ONE adventure that evolves you?
Ready to start your 90 Days tomorrow?
You deserve to step deeply this year and show yourself how amazing you are.

Feel free to send any questions you might have to us.

Always, wishing you all you wish yourself,

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