Gratitude Opens Your Shore to a Better Life



Fear is a strong force. It’s strong and illusive, meaning, not only will it hold you back, sometimes it will actually convince you that staying ‘held back’ is really what you want.

Some people want to ‘stick it to fear’, or as they said in the 80’s, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways, and that’ll work out okay … sometimes.

Truth be told, I have handfuls of friends that have dived out of airplanes, walked on fire, dodged deadly swords and balanced on high wires. I’ll admit I’ve done a few of those things myself. All of those friends have great thrilling stories …  but most of their dreams still collect dust.

It’s the story in the self-help world that remains untrue, but no one wants to address:

The willingness to do fear-defying thrills has no correlation whatsoever on the ability to create in life.

We create powerfully, risk boldly and use both kindness and intention as allies, when we feel we can choose to step back into safe space anytime and when we love … not like  …  not tolerate … love what exists in our lives right now.

Loving the life we currently have IS gratitude.  Going about our doings with joy in our hearts IS gratitude also. And gratitude grows with us, it motivates us to want to create for our tomorrow.  It frees us from the need to seek thrill, because it makes our now just SO right. And gratitude shows us that the circumstances of the world doesn’t govern our personal access to joy … we do.

A person able to access their gratitude, fully, and thus own their own joy, goes forward into their ventures fearlessly, knowing that there is no event that can appear or crop up that would be anything larger than minor distraction … and that’s a pretty courageous person who holds that.

The good news is,  that giving gratitude and love to where we are is an action that  we don’t have to wait for. It’s a participatory sport. It’s something we can just do.

Oh yes, we’ll resist it, as we do all great endeavors … we gravitate to ‘sensible’ activities. You know, what everyone does … bemoan and disparage our current circumstances. But that’s just a another version of  ‘sticking it to fear’ … it sounds good in theory, but doesn’t really build us up.

Gratitude builds us up.

Gratitude gets us being so real and alive with the present that we become energy and joy producing machines.

To cultivate this energy within us, we have to be willing to take some counter-intuitive steps. Steps we might initially think as foolish or insensible.

 Firstly, we commit to disparaging nothing. We free ourselves from verbal snobbery and drama by only uttering words that have positivity and life in them. Meaning, we do not relate of our doings, our relationships, ourselves or the world in disparaging ways.

Secondly. we play. We go about the things we do, lightly. We give no mind to the tiny ‘But I don’t like this’ or ‘I don’t feel like it’ voice within us.  If that voice is strong, learning to laugh at yourself is a great tool to drown it out.

Thirdly, where we’ve withdrawn from disparaging thoughts, we ask ourselves … “Is this experience simply here for me to find my joy within … or to fill with joy myself? Am I here to look on as the loving person I am or to bring the love I hold to moment?”

And that is also our responsibility to ourselves, to continually wear down the barriers that distract, restrict and stifle our ability to love fully and create.

Filling yourself with gratitude is the most courageous step you can make and opens the shore for everything you deserve.

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