Love Can Make Us Whole : So Why Do We Resist?

* For the sake of differentiation in this post the words masculine and feminine are associated with him and her. In reality we all contain both forces. Masculine meaning Directive nature, Feminine being Explorative nature. Neither related to our actual gender.

Love Can Make Us Whole:
So Why Do We Resist?

A man asked me yesterday, “Why should I learn about love … What would that do for me?”

Love is a mystery;  a primal force of life. Nearly every influence upon us, every decision, every direction is weighed in the answer to these two questions:

Will this action make me more lovable?
Will this action make me believe in (love) myself more?

The masculine spirit resists this. He does not know love is something to build upon, a lighthouse by which to guide and fuel his dreams.

Being the great mystery it is, the masculine also cowers against it. Love isn’t a finish-line or nearly as definitive as he would like things in life to be, so he tries to own it in a different way. He learns instead to mock or jeer at it, or he attempts to reduce love to a series of strategies and mechanical processes.

The pure masculine believes: Love is a distraction.

Yet, he hates that he desires it so.

On the other hand, the feminine feels what a powerful lighthouse love could be for her; what it could mean for her heart, for her dreams …. for her own enrichment. The feminine longs to dive into the mystery and bathe in it.

Meanwhile,  the masculine is confused. “What’s it for?”

Many times the masculine discards the fable of love and he falls into a shallow existence … hoping (secretly) every success or accomplishment will give him that check-mark he longs for. He is unknowingly blinded and crippled. He may build towers, companies and swim in resources, but the climb is rarely enjoyable because the nature of his vision is not one of living in its completion, but instead, to earn love .. to gratify an urge.

Why should a man learn about the mystery of love?

Because love is what will make him whole.


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