Bringing Passion Back to Romantic Love

Between the Check Marks of Mythic Love

Our Romantic love is one of the few things only addressed when suffering.
We focus on our health even when we feel well.
We look at our finances even when are not in trouble.
We are willing to grow even when life is clearly working.
But, for most of us love goes like this …
Puppy love … check.
Dating … check.
Engagement … check.
Marriage … check.
But what’s it all about?
What is love for, that many people find it a struggle, some find it bearable and few, very few, find it magical?
With the most sought after commodity under the sun, love … what happens between all those check marks?
And what happens after the last check?
People ask Talesha and I, “What keeps people together … what keeps love from dying?”
We ask you instead, “Would you like to know what has love live and thrive?”
We hope you’ll join us as pioneers in a new way of looking at romantic love.

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