Martin Luther King Jr. : Freedom Not the Endgame

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just the first step. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

A beautiful man.

A fool for his vision.

Read of his life. Read his quotes … his speeches.

It may appear that the man stood for freedom and equality.

But there is a whisper … a deeper invitation inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s life.

Freedom and equality were not his endgame, only the soil for a more loving and nurturing playing field.

A field where dreams can thrive. Where the human spirit can rise. A field where our creative passions can explore without fear.

This is our legacy … to courageously embrace the world as though it has arrived.

The vision of MLK, moving freely and creating from the heart, as brother and sister.

God bless your freedom in this world, that only you can crush your own dream.

And only your dream realized can awaken those we love that still sleep.


We believe the dream … we believe in you.

~ Gary and Talesha

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