Expand and Make Your Value Known … Embrace the 3 Ways!

Try not not become a man of success,  rather become a man of value. ~ Albert Einstein

Value is a funny word!

We’re talking about perceived value … how people measure up their demand for your unique talent, and thus, how they  demand, receive and honor (in many ways) the experience of you.
Right now, are you bemoaning not being recognized for your value?
Its no crime … we’re taught that’s sensible; to join in with the chants of other bemoaners.
But what does our fool, or enlightened, heart know?
There are 3 Ways to reach the ‘value yes button’ in others.
Our ability to 1) Inspire, 2) Entertain or 3) Solve the challenge of another person.

That’s it!

Our skill-set: wisdom, education, charm, packaging, contacts or tools are only devices that to allow us to do The 3 Ways in better and more creative ways.
Use this … Take a courageous look!

Are you trying to make your value about that long list above, which is more about you than them?

Are you ready to start really focusing both your tools and heart on serving others?

Ready you really start focusing on the 3 Ways and give others a chance to show their gratitude?

Gary and Talesha

~ Wishing you all you wish yourself

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