Average Life, Amazing Life … Big Difference, Tiny Secret

Everyday, Talesha and I are blessed to speak with heroic people striving towards creating more powerful lives.

There is perhaps one small distinction that separates many who see their dreams flourish and those who are continuously derailed.

Going for average is much harder than going for amazing.

Yes. Its seems sensible. That if the current resting place in our lives: our families, careers, finances, relationships and overall fulfillment … is average or below, that establishing the status quo of, “I’m doing okay.” would be the next place to get to.


Going for average is much harder than going for amazing.

Attempting to establish average is much like saying, “I’m building a boat to not sink.”

That is not a boat you’re going to have fun in.

That is not a boat that will handle an emergency well.

That is a boat that makes people nervous on drydock.

The best of average is average, and the average of average is underwater.

Going for average is living under consistent gravity to stay above water – and creates constant stress that kills the desire to ever commit to having better.

You want to be in a boat that gives you an experience. One that enriches your life and inspires those around you.

Whatever boat you’re building in your life … can you throw out the idea of creating average?

What habits and actions can you weave into your vision, into your smallest actions, if you were going straight for amazing?

As an Epic Hero, how will take your amazing journey?

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  1. I used to think that to lead an amazing life I had to climb the highest mountains, to do the impossible and the bar kept getting higher and higher as I became addicted to my results. More and bigger and spectacular. Bigger house…with all the toys…trips…more money…marathons…lots of amazing service…I was driven to reach my goals and it was like being at an amusement park running from one thrill ride to the next.

    A few years back I discovered a magazine called “Seeing the Everyday”. It’s about noticing the magic in the most prosaic and seemingly insignificant moments. There are hundreds of them everyday but if you’re wired to see only the spectacular you’ll miss the magic of life in the simple things. Passing the salt to your wife at the breakfast table, adding a wink and blowing a kiss can turn into foreplay (if you catch my meaning). Going for a walk around the block, holding hands can be just as wonderful as going to Europe and a whole lot less money.

    With your spouse and family there are hundreds of special moments every day, that if you feel you have to be traveling the world all the time, you won’t be able to see how wonderful a relationship you have. More and bigger and better isn’t always needed.

    I suppose having a multi-million dollar yacht is great, but paddling a canoe on a quiet lake with your young son is pretty cool too.

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