Facing the Dream-Killing Dragon

Analyzing a problem is resisting the solution! Analyze is really ANAL-LIES, while Rationalize is really a form of RATIONAL-LIES. ~ Chuck Spezzano

Analyzing, rationalizing, turning over, wading through … these things are the Dragon.

Dragons kill dreams.

Dragons make heroes, like you, avoid their greatness.

On the path … your challenges, your visions, your intentions … there is no dragon to face. No more courage necessary than the courage you’ve already got.

The hero pondering the path is not on the path … they are carrying a dragon around with them!

Your vision does not have to be plumed, your courage does not have to be under scrutiny … if clarity is needed it will come with the steps up the mountain. Trust the mountain’s gift to define you in return.

The next step taken with curiosity … will shape you.
The next step with passion … will make you.
The step with joy … will take you.
From the mountain top you’ll retire the search …
Courage is who you are.
But for now … just a step.

~Gary & Talesha
Fool for Life

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