The Hero’s Journey Heals Us

We live in a world of wounds.

There are Wounds of Spirit … melancholy, sadness, confusion and depression.

Wounds of Worthiness … poverty and lethargy.

Wounds of Esteem … isolation, identity crisis & lacking healthy boundaries.

Wounds of  Relationship … Inability to Relate, to connect, to commit, to find intimacy. The tendency to remain unforgiving and unforgiven.

Wounds of Vision … The struggle to know, to create, to impassion and inspire.

We are so drawn to look for reasons for why we have not created the life, connections and abundance we desire. And if we could just dig under these wounds we imagine we can scrape them away and create powerful, beautiful and amazing things.

If we were robots with engines, we could find the offending servo, remove it and motivation, passion and resilience would spring to life.

But we are not.

But neither are we mechanical, soulless, tortured machines either.

If you think back upon any story, epic novel or inspiring movie, if you took a moment to reacquaint yourself with the Jedi, Princess, Liberator or Athlete … you would find the hero being very unheroic …doing anything they could to resist the Journey that would shape them.

It made sense to resist. They had wounds, deep ones for the audience and world to see. It would be so much safer to ponder their wholeness, wait to feel worthy, meander from romance to romance until a suitor treated them better or wait for a dream to sweep them off their feet.

But it never happens that way. Not in the good stories … the Epic and Mythic Ones.

The Wound is the Hero’s Gift and its handicaps, that cause the would-be hero such strife and deepen the adventure, to a sometimes an unbearable level, always afford the hero the opportunity to deepen his/her strengthens and shape their soul in ways unimaginable.

The Wound is your gift, Hero.

But it will only afford you the opportunity, if you move … if you take the adventure despite a world that allows heroes to collect dust, ponder or seek endless distraction and entertainment.

In your list of ‘bigger things’ you’ll create in your Journey this year, make bold declarations that inspire you. Make a few that cause the small stories of yourself, your fears and paralysis, to fold back upon themselves. Take the gifts.

There is was never a wound. There was always a decision … to move and grow or to ‘play dead’ or wounded.


Hear the Call to Adventure. Take the Journey.

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