End of the World Survival Kit, and the New Beginning Too!

In Honor of Our World Ending, and the possibility of a New World emerging, Talesha I want to point to you as the hero. Endings can be a powerful and rich thing. A clearing for the heart and mind. Welcome them as often as needed. 🙂

In the End:
1. Forgive Everyone

You’ll be alright. If you’re going to be free with a newborn mind of possibility, you can’t be holding baggage. Being unforgiving is a weight that influences all future choices in a destructive way and even restricts how we love. Now, this doesn’t mean you go inviting toxic people back into your living room. It means you decide you’re capable of meeting anyone, and everyone on your front porch.

2. Forgive Yourself
Yes, it’s tough walking in the world while crippling ourselves. We’re taught that if we bludgeon ourselves with negative self talk, in just the right way … a butterfly will emerge. Its a lie. The human spirit rises to meet the sun. Where you’ve fallen short is a blessing, a new chance to redefine who you want to be. You are meant to fall short. Its a game of ‘falling short’, revealing the possibility within, and creating anew. So forgive yourself and move in a new way.

3. Leave Your Regrets
Some people hear ‘no regrets’ and they sign up for skydiving, but that’s not what we’re talking about. Were talking about NOW … in this moment, regretting nothing, surrendering to absolute gratitude for where you are at, embracing the innocence of your past and conceding that by planting your feet firmly in where you are … opens up the greatest possibility for the future. Live this moment like a pro … then another moment … then another … then the future weaves a brilliant tapestry with you in your seat of tranquility.

In Your New Beginning:
1. Revisit Old Dreams

Before the adults began telling us to get sensible, they used to tell us to dream big. Then we reached a certain age and they decided some things may not be so reachable for us anymore. What they didn’t consider is, the pure act of ‘reaching’ nourishes us. We don’t have to explode with success, if we expand with no regret. So go back, as a newborn, and take up the arts and activities that once fulfilled  you,  with the knowing heart ‘the journey IS the worthier part’.

2. Return to Childhood
Play More. Smile more. Decide that, although the important things could use some focus, there is simply no reason to be so serious. The highest and boundless resources of our mind are available to us when we are playing. Make play sacred. Make it all some form of play.

3. Be Heartfelt
Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.” Many hear that and spend a lifetime preparing. But he didn’t say ‘prepare to follow your bliss’ … just follow it. Every moment, every step, every interaction is an opportunity to live … to follow your bliss. A person can be loved. An animal can be loved … and so can any action. Can a drive across town be heartfelt? Can a moment typing on your IPad? Can we be in our hearts standing alone on a shore? Yes, its our instinct. Carry on with heart.

4. Be Fluid
Stay alive! For Heaven’s Sake keep electricity in your spirit! Give the body the nutrients to feed the mind. Keep the mind ever in flux. You want to stay young? Don’t land! Investigate every aspect of the world. Be a pioneer into bold teachings, a Captain on a Sea of Living Philosophy, an Astronaut into the hearts of your enemies. Stay alive and crisp. Throw away assumptions. Assuming and presuming ages us rapidly. Be the Wise Fool who questions … delves … dives in with the intent of allowing others to unfold and bring a deeper richness to your own life.

We forever wish you, all you wish yourself.~

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