Escaping the Cult of ‘I Don’t Feel Like It’

There’s a dangerous cult out there.

It’s called, the cult of ‘I don’t feel like it.’

Now, this is not like any other old ‘I don’t feel like it’.  Like I said, this cult is dangerous.

You see, usually we can muster up enough spirit to overcome any old ‘I don’t feel like it’, because we have such passion in our hearts for what we want, we can make choices that overrun stand-stillness.

But THIS cult spreads like wildfire. It will convince your supporters, your friends, your family and even you that your feelings should helm your dreams. And, should you not feel like it, convince you that ‘you need to feel like’ it in order to get moving. As if motivation were a train and you’re supposed to wait at the station for it to arrive.

Yes, I’m being foolish. But fools must speak in times where people find it sensible to wait on motivation to come beat at their door.

Lean in close, fellow fools … You are the motivation. You always have been.

Make a Decision, Take a Risk, Run for the Gold, Be the Leader, Make Your Love a Torrid Affair, Take movement and you will ‘feel like it’.

Please pass this on to one person who deserves better, a person you care about, a person that may be caught in the cult of ‘I don’t feel like it’. ~Ask them to be be a fool.
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