In All Relationships Say These Swear Words Instead

So someone is in your face.

Maybe its that annoying boss or coworker, maybe its that friend who doesn’t understand boundaries, maybe its your child … perhaps your love.

Chances are they either want something of you or they aren’t with any program of:

  • Supportive Boss / Great Employee
  • Amazing Friendship
  • Nurturing Parent / Child of Possibility
  • Mythical Romance

Nope, chances are they are being quite the opposite … in a variety of ways too long to list here.

And what is the primary reaction most people have a less than great relationship with another? Well, to Enter the Fray of course! To come head on against that person the way they are coming at you. What that creates is endless war.

But being a Fool of Possibility, that believes ‘Every Circumstance calls me to grow more powerful of heart’, we’ll entertain that those, what seem to be relationship dilemmas, are actually a calling. A calling for you.

What is missing out of those circumstances is a leader and a guide. One that avoids the fray and shows, “This is how friendship is done. This is how parenting is amazing. This is how romance becomes epic … My friend, my child, my partner, my love … I understand your anger. It must be absolutely frustrating to ‘not know’ … but I do … and I will show you.”

And you do know. You know how all of those relationships flourish … what you’ve done is join the fray. And there’s nothing horribly wrong with dancing while another leads, but it will never ever have things any better.

Remember, their anger, sadness or messiness whispers, “I don’t know how to do this relationship thing. Please show me.”

And you silently swear, “I will show you.”

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