Life 101: For Doomsday Survivors

You’re still here!

I’m not sure if you’re aware but there was a Doomsday scheduled for this past Saturday at 6pm.

Seeing as you’re reading this, the event did not happen.

I’m not writing this email to join the parade of attackers mocking the people that announced it, I’m here to share with you, that for some, ‘the end’ did happen.

As a matter of fact, some of us are racing to ‘the end’ in every moment of their lives.

We race through school in order to get a job?!?
We have a relationship in order to have a family?!?
We have children in order to get them out the door?!?
We race to do the daily grind in order to just make a living ?!?

Many of us live our lives in order to ‘get to’ feel alive … instead of actually being alive!

I hear this statement all of the time, “Where did my time go… my life?”

They were there, but did not live it … and all the things they ‘raced through’ they now wish they could go back and treasure. And those thoughts of regret become yet another distraction from living.

“I’ll wish and pine for the past so that my now is a watered-down experience … I hope the regret stops soon.”

And if we were fully living, regret would vanish on its own.
In getting ready for work, the driving to and from, engaging our day … we would wear smiles.
Our children would get just as many hugs for falling as they do for walking.
We’d look in to the face of every person we meet today and savor it.

… if the end were upon us we would trade anything to relive it all.

Why not live it now?

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