No Dead Artists, Paint Boldly

Some Artists, like the brilliant ones we see in museums and whose works are sought after, never actually saw the legacy of their work.

Many even described their work with a great deal of turmoil. No, no … I don’t mean the actually brush stoke or the chisel hitting marble. I mean, “Do people like me / my work?” … “Will I be remembered?” … “Is there meaning to what I’m doing?”

What miserable conversations in their head … to always be in the question of how meaningful life is. No wonder their spirit was celebrated long after their deaths. People had to forget how painful it was to be around low-spirited people.

We trusted them.

Their works gave us faith … But we needed them to believe too.

We are all artists. Maybe your brush isn’t on canvas … maybe you are painting beliefs and knowledge into your children, as a Mother. Maybe you aren’t sculpting … perhaps you are an entrepreneur or a technician behind a desk in a huge skyscraper. Maybe you are just you.

But that’s my point. There isn’t a just you.

Some day we will leave this Earth and, many or a few, people we call friends and family will scramble to remember how we impacted them. They will speak of us and for some, they will be kind and lie and embellish. Much of that has to do with how we received life, them and how we engaged in our art.

There truly are no ordinary moments. No, moments where you are exempt from impacting and painting this world and a legacy … To bring life meaning.

Be a fool for life. Praise people, champion dreamers, engage your job, take out the trash and make love as if you were painting the Mona Lisa.

Don’t wait for the dust to settle. Don’t live for want of celebrating life.

Begin now.

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