Welcome to Possibility

Life and Relationship Coaching by Fool for Life supports people in creating the life and relationship of their dreams.  Strengthen marriage, avoid divorce and breakup, find love with lasting attraction, create your dream job.

We believe that strategies of success in life, relationships, business and inner joy are possible for everyone. That anyone can take whatever circumstances surround them, in this moment, and transform them into resources that actually empower their vision.

Why doesn’t everyone do it?

We’ve all been taught, when facing challenge, in our hearts or in the world, to approach challenges with discernment, knowledge and experience. After years of looking at what separated joyous, successful and possibility minded people, Talesha and I came to this:

The most powerful pathways are hidden from us …They are counterintuitive.

Our brains are built with an inconspicuous way of creating blindspots in seeing where new action is necessary and leading us back to agreeable, comfortable, yet ineffective patterns.

Yes, our mind helps us avoid change of any kind.

Through private coaching and our programs like The Fool’s Journey, The Fool’s Heart and Enlightened Dating we help you use your current challenges to reclaim possibility, to breakthrough the cycle of repetition and seize a more powerful posture on life.

Our Love and Relationship Programs are custom made for individuals  or couples seeking to improve upon their loving relationship. Whether you, or someone you know, is amidst a divorce or breakup, a hurtful separation or dealing with conflict, turmoil or deep wounds, there are always more options and possibilities than our hurting heart will allow us to see. As a Single, whether you’re looking to communicate more comfortably, exude more confidence or find more prospects and promise while dating and looking for your soulmate or someone special, coaching can provide the path to the insight and worthiness to have the partner you’ve always dreamed of. And if you’re looking at rekindling with your mate, infusing a deeper connection and passion, or creating pathways to enrich the purpose of your loving commitment, let us be your partner in this noble pursuit.

Many people come to us with a situation where their mate has already refused counseling or therapy. Coaching with us is a perfect, noninvasive alternative, and approached more with a spirit of discovery and play, than the stigmas of brokenness, work and repair tied to counseling and therapy. Furthermore, with a stubborn mate, Talesha and I have helped many many clients coached without their mate, create huge and lasting change. We firmly adhere to our stand for love and empowerment:

It takes one to fix a relationship.

And many husbands, wives, partners, girlfriends and boyfriends have benefited from that belief.